How to access official 2krn

What is the real address of the Kraken

The main site of the darknet for today Kraken Onion

How not to fall for scammers on the Kraken website k2tor

What can you buy on the in.k2web onion darknet

Most likely you already know what kind of site KRAKEN is, what it is for and what you can buy there. If so, then we would like to give some recommendations for using the site, which will be useful for both beginners and experienced users of the dark web.

What rules should be followed on the krmp cc site?

1. The first rule is safe entry. Don't forget to use VPN when you go to KRAKEN, it will hide your real location and you won't have to communicate with representatives of law enforcement agencies. 2. Use official mirrors. There are many supposedly official sites and mirrors on kramp cc on the net, but not all of them are. There are quite a lot of different kinds of scammers who create similar resources and mirrors in order to lure you out of your personal data. Therefore, be careful and follow only official links. One of them is . 3. Use of the site in public places. It happens that you access the site from your phone or in general, you are not at home, but somewhere in a public place - in a park, in a restaurant or in public transport. In such a situation, someone can see exactly where you are going and you may have problems. Don't forget to close the session if you used the kraken in a computer club, although it's better not to visit the site in k2web cc from such an institution at all. Pay attention to those around you and do not let strangers "use" your phone, always put passwords on the smartphone from which you go online. All this will allow you to protect yourself from unnecessary questions and problems.